5 Tips For Choosing the Right Cold Chain Monitoring
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Cold chain management solutions enable entrepreneurship to manage the uncertainties of cold chain logistics. However, picking the right cold chain solution can be a structural endeavor. To guarantee that you regulate the best cold chain solution for your business, you need to have this tip in mind. Sharing you the 5 tips for selecting the right cold chain monitoring:

1) Customization for Your Industry - Whether your industry is about pharmaceutical or foods and beverages, you must need a trusted cold chain monitoring solution that configured your business to add the features you need. For example, pharmaceuticals need to pass specific compliance standards, so you need to find that allows you to document temperature changes. 

2) All-In-One Solution - the cold chain monitoring system should have a realtime GPS tracking, temperature monitoring, has a notification that receives an automatic alerts by SMS or email when temperature levels rise or fall below desired levels, reliable connectivity that can offer cellular connectivity plans so you can monitor your assets no matter the location and configuration services to fit your specific needs.

3) Connectivity Reliability -  this is an extremely important factor because you cannot track and monitor logistic operations with a poor connection, no matter where they are in the world. Make sure that important assets are tracked even in hard-to-reach areas. Choose a cellular plan that can provide these types of cellular options for your business. 

4) Data Autonomy - it allows you to maintain control of your data, no matter what place or location it is. Choose a platform that enables you to funnel your data to the business service tools that work best for your organization. 

5) ROI and Benefits - invest in a cold chain management platform like Innovation99 that offers a clear return on investment (ROI) and brings a lot of benefits such as competitive advantage based on real time data, gaining insight into customer preferences, improved operational efficiency, optimized maintenance procedurs, and improved the safety of the worker.

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