Cold Chain Monitoring as Essential
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Manually monitoring temperatures of sensitive goods throughout the supply chain are time consuming and can be erroneous, leading to the risk of spoiled or damaged product, or unable to prove compliance.

This is the NEW solution that has been developed to ensure the secure, safe, and structured convey and storage of temperature of sensitive goods. Data captured by the temperature probes can be monitored and managed via a web-based management platform, and two-way communication and report to remotely control the temperatures of loads and respond to alerts when cargo temperatures breach optimal conditions.

With a cold chain monitoring solution, you can make sure the integrity of your delivered sensitive goods is never compromised, allowing both head office and drivers to react immediately to any incidents that might threaten the quality of the refrigerated products.

All of these methods are significantly more cost effective for transport and logistics operators than having to arrange extra haulage to compensate for rejected loads.

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Business Benefits of Cold Chain Monitoring
Fleet Tracking, Monitoring & Alerts Innovation99