Cold Chain Secure Safe to Consume Fish
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From the moment the fish is caught, the cold chain has to be maintained all the way until it is finally prepared for food. As sensitive as fish is, it also requires a high hygiene standard from all parts of the distribution chain between the fishery and the consumer.

The cold chain can be broken in many places: on the way from fishery to processing, from processing to sales businesses, or from business to home. If the temperature of the fish rises too high, the speed of spoiling speeds up. This means that at the end, the business selling the fish is responsible for its quality. 

As a temperature-sensitive product, fish requires the upkeep of cold chain throughout its journey from fishery to consumer. I highly recommend investing in a temperature monitoring method that allows you to track the quality of your products from the moment you get your hands on it to the moment it leaves them, be the latter towards your mouth or to that of a customer. Innovation99 allows you to recognize patterns in inefficient routes, malfunctioning cold equipment, or brings an extra layer of security to your fish counter.

The Relevance of Cold Chain Solution for the Healthcare Industry
Fleet Tracking, Monitoring & Alerts Innovation99