Impact of Cold Chain Development on Reducing Food Losses Worldwide
Food loss represents a significant challenge to closing the food gap for the global population. According to an October 2015 article in Huffington Post, global food production needs to increase by “70 percent by 2050." Furthermore, "it's been estimated that 30 percent of global production is lost or wasted annually.” In low to middle income countries, food loss is often highest at the production and distribution level where the lack of infrastructure poses threats to safe food storage.

A potential solution, or at least partial solution to reduce post-harvest loss, is the introduction of a temperature-controlled supply chain. Part of the mission of the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) is to build and strengthen cold chains around the world to help the global population gain access to safe, high-quality food products. GCCA staff aligns representatives from member organizations who are experts in cold chain processes with partners to work on cold chain development projects. One such partner is The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). Learn more about how cold chains, GAIN, and GCCA can work to reduce post-harvest losses worldwide and put a dent in the food gap in the article below.

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