Importance Of Cold Chain In Vaccines
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Vaccines are known to be fragile and sensitive, they lose potency if exposed to heat or sunlight. Loss of potency in a vaccine means that it would be less effective in fighting the disease. The cold chain keeps vaccines away from light and heat. A proper vaccine supply chain makes sure that the products are safe from tampering, temperature fluctuations, and exposure to lights. When vaccines are safely delivered without being exposed to heat or light, they retain the potency and perform their task effectively.

Vaccines are of no use if a temperature-controlled chain doesn’t back them up. All the vaccines require strict temperatures to retain their potency. And that’s exactly what the Innovation99 takes place. From the time a vaccine is manufactured to the day it reaches a consumer, the cold chain makes sure that it’s safe and ready to be used. It's impossible if you don't invest in a cold chain, the outcome will be not good.

With 24/7 monitoring of vaccines, they are well away from danger. Even if something goes sideways, with the help of monitoring, the situation can be handled with ease using established backup systems.

Cold Chain Secure Safe to Consume Fish
Fleet Tracking, Monitoring & Alerts Innovation99