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How can companies protect their #cargo from #theft during transit, particularly in #high-risk areas?

Companies can take several measures to protect their cargo from theft during transit, especially in high-risk areas. Two effective ways to do this are through asset tracking and #dash cams.

#Asset tracking by innovation 99 involves using technology to #monitor the movement and location of cargo in real-time. By attaching GPS-enabled devices to their shipments, companies can track their cargo at every step of the journey. This helps to ensure that the cargo is on the right path and makes it easier to locate and recover the cargo in the event of a theft.

Dash cams by Innovation99 are mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle and record footage of the road ahead. This footage can be used to provide evidence in the event of a theft or other incident. Dash cams can also serve as a deterrent, as the presence of cameras can make thieves less likely to attempt a theft.

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