{"jobs": [{"id": 1863, "name": "PPC Ad Manager", "description": "I Need An Expert For A Long Term Project Of amazon FBA Further discussion on Interview.Only apply if you are capable and Experience of Store handling.\n", "link": "/jobs/detail/1863"}, {"id": 1879, "name": "Social Media Analyst", "description": "Social Media Analyst responsibilities include:\n\nAnalyzing user engagement (e.g. click-through and bounce rates)\n\nReporting on web traffic for all social media\n\nBuilding and supporting SEO strategies by implementing keyword priorities into content marketing projects\n\nsocial media analyst job description\n\nJob brief\n\nWe are looking for a Social Media Analyst to monitor our social media initiatives and implement successful marketing practices.\nFor this role, you should have a deep understanding of how different social networks operate and be familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for online content. If you\u2019re a tech-savvy professional with interest in the latest trends in digital technologies, we would like to meet you.\nUltimately, you should strengthen our online presence and increase our brand awareness through effective social media strategies and campaigns.\nResponsibilities\n\nMajorly experience to know how to build and grow digital presence of a account on Instagram , Facebook, Twitter , Linked IN etc\n\nAnalyze user engagement (e.g. click-through and bounce rates)\n\nReport on web traffic from all social media\n\nBuild and support SEO strategies, including optimizing keywords in content marketing projects\n\nIdentify habits of our online customers and suggest ways to reach a broader audience\n\nMaintain a cohesive strategy across all platforms to increase our brand awareness\n\nCoordinate with the Social Media Manager and the Marketing department to design advertising campaigns\n\nEnsure timely responses to customers and followers\u2019 queries and comments\n\nAdvise other employees on their social media activity (e.g. how to respond to comments and questions by customers and what to share on personal or company accounts)\n\nResearch how emerging social networks and features can benefit our company\n\nUpdate our social media company policy, when necessary\n\nRequirements\n\nPrevious work experience as a Social Media Analyst, Social Media Coordinator or similar role\n\nHands-on experience with social media platforms and digital marketing campaigns\n\nIn-depth understanding of SEO, keyword research and Google Analytics\n\nExperience with social media management tools, like Buffer and Hootsuite\n\nFamiliarity with online content (experience with WordPress and content management systems is preferred)\n\nAbility to identify target audience preferences and trends\n\nExcellent communication skills\n\nTime management and multitasking skills", "link": "/jobs/detail/1879"}, {"id": 1361, "name": "Social Media Strategy Expert", "description": "We represent multiple small, medium, and large-size clients and are looking for a long-term partner organization that is willing to work 100% white label on our brand.\n\nFor our Social Media Team we are looking for new independent or agency partners for any of the following activities:\n- Ads and Posts: Concept Creation, Caption/Description Content Writing, Image Design, Animation/Reels, Publishing, Boosting\n- Reporting: Create Report, Analyze Report, Write Conclusion, Deliver Report with Conclusion\n\nRequirements:\n- Excellent Communication\n- Creativity\n- Writing Ability\n- Strategic Thinking\n- Analytical Skills\n", "link": "/jobs/detail/1361"}, {"id": 1319, "name": "Odoo system administration", "description": "This opportunity is for Lead Developer contract position in the formation of a new company that will focus on aviation dealership systems to start. It will include building an entire new vertical system for running aviation businesses and then expand into dealership related opportunities in other segments including equipment, vehicles and ultimately real estate.\n\nDeveloper will work directly with the founder of the company who was previous owner of the number one vertical software company in a related sector.\n\nThe first development project is booked and ready to plan out. This first lead developer will help design and implement this first system and build off the New system as well build a team for expansion.\n\nOdoo expert at design, implementation and coding are key. Experience with e-commerce, CRM, dealership inventory models, and accounting are needed.\n\nJoin the vision and enjoy the fun and opportunity.", "link": "/jobs/detail/1319"}, {"id": 1344, "name": "Seeking Expert", "description": "Seeking an expert in lead list building to research professionals who work at the top largest insurance companies, pension funds, and similar institutions, and retrieve LinkedIn profile, verified mail and other contact information.\n", "link": "/jobs/detail/1344"}, {"id": 1254, "name": "Data Entry Expert", "description": "Desired person should have strong knowledge of computer with good typing speed and good communication skills.\n\nQualification: - 2 or Graduate Fresher or Experience Both are eligible.\nTyping, Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Review, Operations, Computer Operating, MS Office, Microsoft Excel, Internet\nGood communication Skill\nExperience and fresher both can apply.\n\nNote: Training can be provided to fresher candidate if required.", "link": "/jobs/detail/1254"}, {"id": 1387, "name": "Web Scraping Expert", "description": "\nWe need a webscraping specialist preferably with experience in scraping data from sports betting websites such as bet365. we currently have a script which extracts data from several websites and performs calculations with the data from the websites. \nwe need you to be willing to work with me for an extended period of time (6 months+) to maintain and improve the script. The script is currently running on a raspberry pi. run the script from a website using port forwarding. It is a python server created using Flask, running on nginx. The frontend is python/html and backend is pure python.\n The scraping is done using selenium and the request module. The script produces a txt file with a list of relevant results from the calculations performed on the data from the betting sites. The script runs too slow which has to be fixed, this is the main priority. \n\nwe have a list of other improvements that we want for the script which include: - Making a website that is accessible from a computer (current website is only accessible from a phone) - Automating sending messages in Telegram with the results from the script while the program runs - Scraping kick off times and having the script only scrape data from games with kick off within a specified time frame. If all of these things are doable for you, please give me a message so that we can discuss the project in more detail. Skills in data analytics and machine learning are also appreciated, as that could be relevant for future projects.\n", "link": "/jobs/detail/1387"}, {"id": 1379, "name": "UNITY Expert", "description": "We are looking for a Unity game developer ( all rounder, ideally with experience in making online multi player games. ) to help us customize an existing online multi player template.\n\nWe would like to use it to create a virtual online showcase for art objects and virtual architecture.\n\nPlease apply with strong relevant experience, and if you are totally fluent in English.\n\nThe price in the add is a placeholder, final project cost will be determined with the shortlisted candidate. Shortlisted candidates will have video interviews to discuss the details of the project.\n\nThis project is likely to run on after the initial setup phase, so this can turn into an exciting long term opportunity.\n\nThank you!\n\n Skills and Expertise\nPlatforms\nmacOS\nMicrosoft Windows\nApp Features\nIn-App Purchases\nAugmented Reality\nSocial Media Account Integration\nGame Genres\nOnline Multiplayer\nGame Development Deliverables\nPrototyping\nBug Fix\nPerformance Optimization\nGame Development Programming Languages\nJavaHTML5\nOther\nUnityJavaScript\nHTMLGame Design\n", "link": "/jobs/detail/1379"}], "row_number": 3}